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Michal Idziorek

Hello and Welcome to the virtual home of Michal Idziorek, known as Miguel the Red Scorpio, a developer, software engineer, scientist, philosopher, as well as self-proclaimed artist and culinarian. Michal Idziorek graduated from the Vienna University of Technology and holds a Master of Science degree in Media and Computer Science.

Over the years Michal professionally engaged in multidisciplinary academic, corporate and freelance activities, acquiring a broad toolkit of skills, he is continuously and passionately extending.

Michal seeks satisfaction in challenges with a steep learning curve and is versatile and experienced in multidisciplinary, academic and corporate settings. He is motivated towards working environments based on modern open-source solutions, adhering in a broad sense to the unix philosophy.

Available for freelance as well as contracted project work.

Michal Idziorek smiling in front of green grass
Michal Idziorek smiling

What is this Website About?

This website shelters some of my notes on a variety of subjects and hosts a random selection of works and projects. Keep in mind, that this website is under sustained construction with more content scheduled to follow.

Just browse the blog to find out more.