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Games from the past


About this games

I recently found this simple and stupid games from times long gone. I coded them in the 90ies as a teenager. Their source code was fortunatelly lost.

This DOS MZ exacutables will run fine in a DOSBox.


Coded:    1999
Tech:     C, DJGPP compiler, Allegro library

A unique combination of Frogger and the original GTA, which it was probably inspired by. Control your vehicle with the arrow keys without crashing, as long as possible.

Download: highway.zip

Under Attack

Coded:    Early 90ies
Tech:     QBasic

Originally I coded this game for the TI-83 caluclator, later reimplementing it for my PC in colors. As the commander of a the mighty battleship HMS Miguel you need to use the arrow keys to evade enemy missiles fired from the deepness of the ocean, by enemy submarines.

Download: attack.zip

Operation Naval Storm

Coded:    1996
Tech:     QBasic

Another naval warfare classic, based on the well known Sea Battle game, played on paper grids. In this advanced version every player places only one single ship, measuring 1x1 in size. Try to outperform the brilliant AI.

Download: naval.zip