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April 2018

estático - static website generator

A few weeks ago I decided to switch my website from a well known PHP driven CMS solution, to a light and static set of HTML pages.

And so I wrote … a simple static website generator in Haskell. Of course I know that there are plenty of these out there, still I wanted my very own masturbatory solution.

I use pandoc et al. for most of the heavy work anyway.


Try It

You can find the most recent version here. Build it with stack build. Install it with stack install.

Pandoc Themes

Here I put together the themes available for syntax-highlighting, extracted from pandoc: ./pandoc_colors

Example Website

This very website https://www.idziorek.net is a real-world example making use of estático. You can find its source code here:

Example Usage

Just have a look at the example websites inside the examples directory for a start.
You can build it with:

$ estatico-exe ./examples/example01 /tmp/www.example01.com www.example01.com

This will build the static website in /tmp/www.example01.com (directory must exist), assuming www.example01.com as the base url.

And then simply sync it to your server:

$ rsync -r -u -v /tmp/www.example01.net/* your-server:/var/www/www.example01.net/